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Katzenjammer Nation (KJN) Aims:

KJN is an official non-profit fan forum run BY fans FOR fans of the fantabulous Norwegian band, Katzenjammer.

Please note that KJN Aims cannot be achieved without the collective effort of all KJN members.

KJN aims to:

  • Spread the word about Katzenjammer by:
    • establishing 'Street Teams' around the world who wish to assist in the promotion of Katzenjammer in their countries by providing flyers, posters and face-to-face promotion of Katzenjammer;
    • distributing promo materials. KJN will offer downloadable promotional materials on the KJN website. For example, these include business cards which KJN members can print out (at their own cost) and distribute at Katzenjammer gigs and basically anywhere it is possible to spread the word about Katzenjammer;
    • linking Katzenjammer music & videos in other forums etc;
    • requesting Katzenjammer songs to be played on the radio;
    • specific promo campaigns.

  • Help Katzenjammer provide INTERNATIONAL distribution of all music and official merch to prevent:
    • illegal acquisition of Katzenjammer music resulting from a lack of of legal sources, or unreasonably high postage rates (i.e. not being available in all countries on youtube or digital sources such as iTunes);
    • the making of illegal merch items;
    • Katzenjammer losing out on income they would need to keep making music and touring.

  • Provide a collaborative fan forum space for Katzenjammer fans to unite and:
    • Encourage everyone to share ideas and suggestions about Katzenjammer on the forum and discuss these with other fans.  Members may also use the forum to critique anything to do with Katzenjammer.   KJN will then forward this input by members to Katzenjammer and Katzenjammer Management.  However, KJN is not responsible for any response (or lack of) by Katzenjammer or Katzenjammer Management to those approaches;
    • Calling on all creative fans to create new designs for merch items for the KJN Store.  And members are urged to post their suggestions in the merch thread in the KJN Forum, where they can be discussed with other fans;
    • KJN will create polls to democratically narrow down the number of items and designs;
    • The voted for ideas for items/designs will be forwarded to Katzenjammer management for approval;
    • All rights around the use of the 'Akerø'-image (the cat-faced balalaika-bass) are reserved to Katzenjammer, the band. Any designs by KJN members that include "Akerø" will not be approved by Katzenjammer or their management to go into KJN Store;
    • ONLY items/designs APPROVED BY KATZENJAMMER AND KATZENJAMMER MANAGEMENT will be going into KJN store for sale;
    • All approved merch sold from the KJN Store will be internationally distributed without restriction and with realistic postage prices;
    • All proceeds from the KJN Store go to directly Katzenjammer, the band.

  • Dealing with Copyright in KJN:
    • KJN aims to ensure that copyright is respected for all materials used for official KJN promotional purposes. That means that all photos, artwork and other media can only be used with permission and naming of the person who holds the copyright;
    • KJN "Street Teams" are also required to respect the copyright with all materials they use and ask permission and name the holder of the copyright. KJN International does not accept any liability for inadvertent copyright breaches on the part of any KJN "Street team";
    • KJN also encourage KJN members to honour copyright for everything they upload to the KJN Facebook page or KJN Forum.  However, KJN accepts no liability for any breaches on the part of KJN members if KJN copyright recommendations are ignored.

KJN Aims and History here on KJN Website: http://katzenjammer-nation.no/about/about-kjn/
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