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May 17, 2015, 01:10:16 AM
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I'm sorry, Vicky.  I passed you (or I assume she was you) on the stairs at the Scala.  My friend took a flyer.  I started to babble something or other.  It probably wouldn't have made much sense even if I'd finished what I had to say.  I was in a weird dreamlike state.  I'd intended to offer to help but, in the state I was in, I wasn't much use for anything apart from getting lost on my way home.

You have my admiration for emerging from Katzenjammer's set still able to function.

As to tomorrow, I'm afraid it's rather short notice and I have urgent and necessary things to do.  I really am sorry.
May 17, 2015, 05:20:55 PM
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This may be a silly thing to bother posting, but...  I suppose a KJN T-shirt is marked with the KJN logo.
It certainly is marked with the KJN logo, Pet! :D We printed and sold quite a few. Unfortunately, we only managed to pay for the costs of making the t-shirts with the money that we'd made, so we couldn't print any more. Shame, really, as the plan was to raise some money for the girls. Well, maybe one day!  :D At least, we can help with the promo!  :D

Hi Pet!

Just to clarify further about the discontinuation of the KJN Street Team Shirts: the main reason we discontinued them is because we used the Akerø logo with permission by KJ management.  Then Sol wanted to focus on her own creative versions of Akerø for her own designs for official KJ Merch.  So....we discontinued printing these shirts so as not to be in *direct competition* with official KJ merchandise.  At the time we had released shirts and we were simultaneously trying to promote Sol's new designs!  This was completely incompatible with KJN aims, and simply very unfortunate timing. 

When we first organised the KJN Street Team shirt (with designs and colours voted for by the entire KJN community and approved by KJ management), this was actually a response to a need to stop illegal copyright of KJ logos.  There was a demand for more merch with the Akerø logo and KJ merch store did not provide this for some reason.  As a result KJ fans were creating their own designs and printing them and KJ were losing out on this money by not providing a product there was clearly a demand for!  However, this is no longer an issue after our efforts with the KJN Street Team shirt as KJ now offer merch to all parts of the world for relatively reasonable prices, and a much larger variety than before :)  So I guess the campaign was a success of sorts :)  But these KJN Street Team Shirts will not be reprinted ever in the future.  Any "profit" simply paid the *extortionate* fees of the merchandise company company we chose.  In fact there was a loss which the KJN Admins at the time covered.  We probably could have made a profit with future reprints, but as I said, we had to halt production in order to stop being a direct competition to official KJ merchandise.

I may have a spare one somewhere as we received a few "sample" shirts when we arranged all this.  I will check.
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May 18, 2015, 02:44:20 PM
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Hi Vicky,

I was under the impression that when you said head out you meant outside. I departed during the encore and waited at the barriers outside the venue, I only realised you were flyering inside when people emerged clutching their flyer! No re-admission so I just waited there while my friend got his cd signed. I tried to help, next time I'll just stay until the end.

Take care